Soccer Field Use Artificial Grass Foam

Soccer Field Use Artificial Grass Foam
Topturf is an artificial turf product that does not need to be filled with silica sand or rubber particles. The raw material formula developed in cooperation with Topturf is a mesh grass design. It has a better PU+ adhesive technology than ordinary PU adhesive.
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1. Topturf turf is made of high abrasion resistant material, which is developed in cooperation with world-renowned raw material enterprises. It has good flexibility, strong abrasion resistance, weather resistance and environmental protection.Purchase advanced screen grass equipment, cut smooth, open the net evenly;Air-dressing TM is an air-dressing technology, which adopts straight-curve mixing method, with high Dtex and good wear resistance.

2, Topturf turf free filling field artificial turf undercloth USES composite woven undercloth, stronger than the conventional undercloth, effectively prevent turf ups and downs and warping, but in terms of cost per square meter to about 1.3 yuan.

3, Topturf turf artificial turf surface glue must choose a relatively expensive PU adhesive.Weiteng free filling soccer field grass USES environmentally friendly back glue, in line with all the current domestic inspection standards, back glue technology eco-locking TM, higher strength, stronger pulling force, better weather resistance.

4, Topturf turf field filling artificial turf pavement using special joint cloth and two components of glue, adhesion effect is better, high firmness after curing, service life and can be improved by 30%.

5. Topturf turf is an artificial turf field without filling, which is used in combination with high-density shock absorber, providing sports cushion and elasticity, and providing users with better sports experience and protection performance.

The advantage of artificial turf is that it has soft surface and good performance.Health and environmental protection, suitable for all kinds of people;No particles, environmental protection is controllable, paving is simple.

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