What Is Artificial Grass?

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a kind of artificial grass made of synthetic fiber. It looks like real and natural. So now it is used to replace the real grass. Now you can easily find artificial lawns in open spaces such as stadiums, backyards and playground. Because of its strong strength and ease of care, artificial turf is also a good choice for interior decoration.

Artificial grass features:

Artificial turf is considered a modern society in the interior decoration and sports architecture, especially artificial grass on the choice because it gives us the traditional grass cannot do the outstanding advantages. It seems natural, there is no significant difference between the artificial turf and the traditional grass on each subject, such as the surface and the bounce level, due to the larger biotechnology. 

Artificial turf is effective in every climatic condition. Climate change does not affect artificial turf. Fake lawns cannot be damaged by harsh weather conditions such as drought, storms and rains. This means that the use of artificial grass is absolutely more than the actual number of users. The use of artificial turf is an effective investment. Natural grass will die and degenerate due to natural laws, but artificial turf is always green. Artificial grass can keep its color for at least 10 years without causing any damage to the surface. 

The use of artificial turf means that spring is always next to you. Fake grass has a stable flat surface. It can maintain such a large surface, although it is used in each climatic condition for 24 hours/day, a week. Fake turf maintenance and maintenance costs are low. At the beginning of use, the artificial turf usually does not require maintenance. In addition, since there is no need for watering, mowing, cutting, fertilizers and pesticides, care for the grass is very simple and simple. In addition, artificial turf can be used for at least ten years. Therefore, compared with the real turf, artificial turf cares less than the traditional lawn. Synthetic lawns contribute to our environment. Synthetic fibers are safe for the individual. In addition, there is no pesticide and fertilizer means no hazardous chemicals that endanger our health and the environment.