The Grass Silk Type Of Artificial Soccer Lawn Sports Field

There are three main types of turf silk in soccer field artificial lawn, which are: single silk soccer field artificial lawn, mesh silk soccer field artificial lawn, and single silk reinforced soccer field artificial lawn.Because these three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use varies.


1、Single silk artificial lawn for football field 

How do you compare a single silk soccer field turf to other turf ?

Monofilament lawn on the fiber is very thin, and density is also very big, and the simulation is also high, basic on structure and natural lawn is similar, service life is long, anti-wear performance than mesh artificial lawn stronger, but on the price of monofilament football field artificial lawn tend to be higher !

However, with the continuous progress and development of social economy, the utilization rate of artificial lawn in sports venues will be higher and higher, and the effect of the whole sport has been recognized by the majority of consumers, so its use range will be so wide.

2 、Artificial turf for soccer field with mesh

The simulation degree is higher, but it will be thicker in fiber, and plastic strapping rope is more similar, if the low cross section is opened directly, its main shape is the mesh, so called mesh silk, generally cheaper than the price of a single silk.

3、Single silk reinforced soccer pitch artificial lawn

Because need to add a working procedure more on the basis of manufacturing, so in football field man-made lawn is in the center of monofilament, need to set convex reinforcing rib, basically assure flexibility is good, and also can improve a lot on wear-resisting performance, but because the working procedure of manufacturing is more complex, because this whole quotation wants slightly tall.

The grass silk type of artificial football lawn sports ground is introduced to you here, I believe you have a deeper understanding of the grass silk knowledge of artificial football turf after watching it.

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