Spray A Key Measure Is The Maintenance Of Artificial Turf, Directly Affect The Life Of Sports Turf

Water spray, oil means oil-wax-coated artificial turf and artificial turf, a key measure is the maintenance of artificial turf, directly affect the life of sports turf.

Water is an important measure to protect turf, can keep artificial turf does not dry, indehiscent, spoiled. Water also has shortcomings, namely artificial turf surface was too smooth, athletes easy

Wrestling, impact technologies. Therefore, waxing should be carried out depending on the actual conditions of the venues. Waxing time and methods are as follows:

(1) every spring. Wet damp before waxing.

(2) artificial turf cleaned dry. Alkali scrubbing water or detergent solution available, but also can be used to "grass-roots brush" scrubbing and washing, wipe with clean water and dry.

(3) on artificial turf. Background colour shades depending on the artificial turf, also based on sports need to be deployed, the dimensions should not be too large.

(4) the wax-coated artificial turf. Put wax in a small bean bags of cloth bags (30 cm x x20 cm), and then from the start on site point, from front to back, evenly

Spray water on the turf. 3. 4 hours after waxing machine.

Artificial grass oils from 10th to diesel fuel, compounded with raw materials such as oil, Rosin, artificial turf does not dry, spoiled and anti-corrosion, non-slip, and so on. Under normal circumstances a week

James L~2, climate is dry if necessary the appropriate increase in the number. Coating is artificial turf online MOP oil spilled on, wipe with DUN butuo 1~2 artificial turf again.