Sports Turf Ploughed

Tillage including soil for turf and planting of a series of operations. In large areas of turf-bed including ploughing, discing and rake for continuous operation to the ground when you can spread out to.

Was to soils with plough ploughing flip move role. Farming should be carried out under suitable soil moisture, soil can be squeezed into a ball with your hands, throw because it has an uneven surface, so has the transfer of plant residues into the soil deep role.

In ploughed or loose lots should be disking, crushing clods, rugs and table shells to improve the soil particles and surface soil of a surname. Rake can be carried out immediately after the ploughing, in order to facilitate the decomposition of organic matter also can be performed over a period of time.

In order to prevent weeds and summer leisure area, usually discing.

Rake is the surface form particles and smoothing the surface of bed planting to do the homework. Rake the quality of jobs, will affect the lawns "green lawn" the quality and management.

Rotary is an extensive farmland. It is mainly used for small area of turf-bed, such as golf tee and residential lawn "green grass" turf-bed. Rotary tiller to achieve a clear surface debris and soil mixed with fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Tillage operations preferably in autumn and winter dry periods, because it makes the flip's soil in the presence of long frozen and broken, and decomposition of organic matter. Farming must be careful to break compaction of the soil, on the small area of turf-bed, can be plowed several times to loosen and loosen the large area you can use special loosener. Loosen the depth of not less than 1 5~20cm.