Sports Artificial Grass Toughness Is Much Greater Than The Natural Grass

Often play a friend certainly on the Sports Artificial Grass of the stadium will not be unfamiliar. Today, with the increasingly tense urban land, a variety of 5-a-system, 7-a-side small soccer field and cage football field has become a lot of grass-roots ball friends of choice. These Sports Artificial Grass stadiums have solved the problem of most amateur football lovers, but there are "side effects", which are some of the side effects that the Sports Artificial Grass stadium may have for the human body, which can even cause serious injuries.

Some people will ask, compared to natural grass stadium, Sports Artificial Grass stadium is not more flat, it will not appear small stone or potholes? Why can lead to injury? This is from the Sports Artificial Grass stadium construction materials talking about. Only in the case of plastic particles filled with a sufficient amount of time before they can run, take off and other actions play a buffer role, but taking into account the construction costs, post-maintenance and other factors, usually the vast majority of Sports Artificial Grass stadium Can not be achieved and natural grass the same buffer conditions.

As the surface itself is hard, coupled with the use of plastic particles of simulated soil, Sports Artificial Grass in the horizontal direction of the toughness is much greater than the natural grass, so many often play the natural grass field ball club will feel more than playing Sports Artificial Grass stadium, A lot of effort was relieved by the buffers of the grass. On the artificial turf, these forces are mostly eaten in the knee and ankle joints, over time will cause chronic injury. Fang Xun Chao said that although there is no professional body for the Sports Artificial Grass stadium material composition of the special certification requirements. And in the case of little strength and frequency, joint injuries are also small probability events. But it can not be denied that Sports Artificial Grass stadium does exist such a "side effect".

In addition to the necessary warm-up preparation activities, what amateur football enthusiasts can play in the Sports Artificial Grass stadium "take preventive measures" approach? Of course, from Lin'an, a senior football equipment up to the people often to the side of the golf club Weapon. In his view, give yourself a pair of suitable football shoes, there are some necessary protective gear is very necessary, there is no "blind pay attention to" the meaning.

There are common sense of shoes fans know, for different venues, soccer shoes soles have different designs. Such as SG (metal spikes) for natural soft grasslands, HG (glial short nails) for hard mud sites, and so on. The TF (rubber broken nail) the bottom of the football shoes, is suitable for playing in the Sports Artificial Grass stadium. Lou Jun told reporters, TF soles of football shoes, in the anti-skid, shock absorption on the better, compared to other foot nail football shoes more suitable for Sports Artificial Grass stadium. In addition, if you can match a pair of ankles (can also be elastic bandages) and knee joint patella pressure band, the protection of these two joints more comprehensive.