Sports Artificial Grass Speed Up The Popularization And Popularization Of The National Fitness Campaign

Now sports will be able to reflect our national comprehensive national strength, inspire the national spirit of the grand cause. The rapid development of modern science and technology has had an unprecedented impact on sports, so science and technology development has become a decisive factor in the development level of sports. Among them, the development and application of advanced sports and novel materials are one of the important conditions to improve the level of sports science and technology. High-tech materials in the field of sports use in a wide range, not only make sports more intense, continuous improvement of athletic performance, but also enrich the contents of the national fitness campaign to speed up the popularization and promotion of national fitness.

The use of high-tech materials in sports is the need for the rapid development of sports, and the development of sports in turn forced people to seriously explore and use new materials, research and development of high-tech materials and sports development of the relationship between, and thus more To further improve the role of high-tech materials in sports and to improve the sports workers on the use of new materials capacity. Can firmly believe that with the gradual development of sports materials and mature, sports materials, scientific and technological research and development will play its increasingly important role.

Sports Artificial Grass technology has been in the domestic leading position, in some respects even more than the international level of the same product, but we also see China's Sports Artificial Grass industry as a whole is still lagging behind other developed countries, as a more than 10 years of man-made Grass enterprises, we have the responsibility to have the obligation to promote the sustainable development of China's industry. Our mission is "to provide customers with outstanding products for enterprises to create green profits for the dedication of a harmonious life for the staff, for the community to fulfill corporate responsibility."

Artificial turf without spraying pesticides, later maintenance water is much less than natural grass, but artificial silk fiber contains a variety of organic additives and pigments in the chromium, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals have not been completely avoided. The future will completely eliminate the heavy metals and a variety of additives to bring the harm, in addition, the choice of lawn preparation materials, fully consider its recyclability, and strive to achieve all the materials can be reused. Not only in color and shape with the natural grass close, more importantly, should be safe and comfortable will not hurt the movement of the people, the artificial turf close to the natural grass soft and safe touch and comfortable sports experience. Improve athletic performance at the same time, to achieve comfort and safety, effectively prevent athletes slippers may occur when the foot sprain or skin scratches, while easy to adapt quickly players.

Artificial turf construction Simple: can be in the asphalt, cement, hard sand and other places on the basis of pavement Sports Artificial Grass maintenance and maintenance process and the traditional way of the grass, the venue needs "rest" concept is no longer applicable, but the appropriate maintenance And maintenance will extend the life of the Sports Artificial Grassland.

Laying and maintenance: artificial turf laying on the foundation of low requirements, can be in the asphalt, cement construction and short cycle. Particularly suitable for training a long time, the use of high density of primary and secondary school venues construction. Artificial turf easy maintenance, good water permeability, especially wear-resistant.