Sports Artificial Grass Reliability, Practicality, Scientificity

With the accelerated pace of school sports site transformation, the choice of Sports Artificial Grass schools will be more and more, how to use in the construction of high quality Sports Artificial Grass, to ensure that the standards of Sports Artificial Grass in line with the requirements of school sports activities and the health of students Environmental requirements, is the school in the selection of Sports Artificial Grassland when the important concerns.

With the vigorous development of the sports industry, the domestic demand for all kinds of sports stadium construction is also increasing, at the same time, the construction requirements of the sports court has also been greatly improved.

To football as an example, and the past, the use of natural grass is different from the current football field mostly use Sports Artificial Grass. It is true that Sports Artificial Grasses have a great advantage in terms of production and maintenance costs compared to natural grasses. However, before laying Sports Artificial Grass, if you do not know the construction process in advance, to master its construction skills, after the completion of a variety of problems, regret the late carry on.

Sports Artificial Grass laying before construction

In general, before laying Sports Artificial Grass in the sports ground, you should first confirm the foundation of the foundation of the flat, the ground should be no cracks, no obvious rolling traces, no loosening or wave phenomenon, the density should reach more than 90%, and any The direction of straight line within 3m can not appear more than 4mm local bumps.

The quality of the brand is created by the enterprise in the practice of many years of production, its product environmental safety performance, physical performance, content quality, service level, and its advanced nature, reliability, practicality, scientific, economic durability, Life, etc., have reached the FIFA launched the "artificial turf quality standards" level, it can better protect the safety and health of students.

The quality of Sports Artificial Grass is the key to the quality of grass seedlings, grass back and glue quality, as well as advanced production technology, production equipment and other factors. To choose green, economic and durable, safe and reliable raw materials conducive to the health of students to produce. Grass fiber performance is good: soft and comfortable, sliding, buffering, wear, water, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, color, environmental performance and a variety of physical performance testing to meet international standards and China's The quality of the glue is mainly reflected in: the strength of the bond, the duration of the bond, the environment of the environment. The quality of the glue is very important. Adaptability, environmental performance and so on.