Sports Artificial Grass Flexibility, Wear Resistance, Anti-aging

Sports Artificial Grass with all-weather, weather resistance, recovery, permeability, economic, sound-absorbing noise reduction, long green simulation, multi-purpose and other advantages.

The artificial turf playground is well secured. Sports Artificial Grass using the principles of medicine and kinematics, so that the movement of sports on the lawn, ligaments, muscles, joints and other protection, fall when the impact force and friction greatly reduced. Artificial turf sports venues of various lines in production has been used in the white grass seedling molding is environmentally friendly products, it does not contain any harmful substances, and has a noise-absorbing function.

Sports Artificial Grass multi-purpose. Artificial turf color diversity, durability does not fade, artificial turf can be associated with the surrounding environment and complex buildings, is the stadium hall, leisure courtyard, roof garden and other places the best choice.

Artificial turf playground excellent physical and chemical properties: artificial turf in the production of a number of modern science and technology, so that man-made lawn products tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-aging, color fastness, etc. have reached a very high level. In addition, the artificial grass pull, water permeability, elasticity are very high, after the rain 20 minutes or so can be drained clean.

The right method of use ensures that artificial turf is not damaged by human factors and can be used for a long time.

The precautions for the use of artificial turf Sports Artificial Grass:

1. Artificial turf playground is best for special activities (sports, physical education, competitions, etc.), not used for other purposes, to enter the field to wear professional sports shoes inside;

2. No 7mm long spikes or high heels running on the lawn;

3. Prohibit any motor vehicle from running on the lawn;

4. Long-term pressure on the lawn;

5. The deliberate destruction of man-made lawn boundaries and other man-made acts of vandalism;

6. No cigarette butts, fire, bubble gum, organic solvents, chemical drugs in the admission;

7. The prohibition of shot, javelin, discus or other high-fall sports on the lawn;