Sports Artificial Grass Easy To Maintain And Clean

Sports Artificial Grass green in foreign countries is very popular and the use of universal, and China has more and more families in the use of Sports Artificial Grass green, which is a development trend. Jiang Sports Artificial Grass as a professional set of Sports Artificial Grass spinning, drawing, weaving, Sports Artificial Grass and carpet chemical and one of the group business. Annual production of natural Sports Artificial Grass series of 5 million square meters, with an annual output of 3 million square meters of home carpet. The introduction of a comprehensive Belgian carpet production process, combined with their own technology, experience formed a complete and effective advanced production technology, and long-term cooperation with foreign advanced enterprises to strengthen cooperation, employing European experts to guide and train staff. In the carpet under the scientific management, strict implementation of the EU standard production, making always ahead of the industry.

Sports Artificial Grass can be good to prevent UV damage to the lawn

Sports Artificial Grass is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymers made of non-living matter, can not carry out the green plant metabolism activities, it does not have the role of regulating the balance of carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere. Although the Sports Artificial Grass can block the dust to a certain extent, but do not have the function of absorbing toxic gases to purify the atmosphere. In addition, the low level of Sports Artificial Grass fiber often contain chlorine impurity, in high temperature, strong sunshine conditions will decompose and release chlorine, damage to air quality. The carpet of Sports Artificial Grass can be a good anti-ultraviolet damage to the lawn, and can guarantee the performance and maintain the color enduring, and easy to maintain and clean.

Sports Artificial Grass has good elasticity

At present the domestic use of Sports Artificial Grass buffer layer material for the rubber or foam, the thickness is generally only 5 mm, the elasticity is not ideal. Athletes in the artificial lawn sports ground for high-intensity fierce confrontation, ankle, knee joints are contaminated, sprained and other injuries a great chance. The carpet of the Sports Artificial Grass has a good elasticity, can produce adequate buffer time, landing can effectively reduce the body's injury.

Sports Artificial Grass with moderate hardness and resilience

The friction coefficient of the domestic Sports Artificial Grass is generally between 0.8 and 1.2, if the athletes in such a lawn to make technical action, like the ground to tackle, kneeling and taxiing and other places and the body to produce violent friction action, contact parts The temperature will rise by 15 to 20 ° C. Studies have pointed out that the air temperature at 33 ℃, noon sun direct under the Sports Artificial Grass temperature will reach 50 ℃, this time in the Sports Artificial Grass sports field athletes will encounter the body of 70 ℃ high temperature, is likely to burn the skin. In addition, as a Sports Artificial Grass filler quartz sand in use for some time, will be brought to the surface of the turf, the rough surface will seriously hurt the player's body. Although the carpet friction will lead to the temperature of the contact area, but the lawn with the appropriate smoothness, the heat generated by friction in the human body can withstand the range, will not hurt the athlete's body. At the same time the lawn with moderate hardness and resilience, athletes can arbitrarily make a variety of technical action in the venue, but do not have to worry about falling, friction and hurt.

First, because the turf is mainly used in the manufacture of polymer drawing, so the need to use quartz sand, or rubber particles to the grass wire to suppress, and turf stability, under normal circumstances, the lower will choose to use quartz sand , While the upper layer is the choice of rubber particles.

 Second, because the Sports Artificial Grass is not any soil, when the collision or fall in the case, then the body will be relatively large in the force, but also very prone to injury, if you add the right amount of rubber particles with high elasticity , Can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil, to prevent the body and the scene when the collision occurred when the situation.

Third, the Sports Artificial Grass on the surface than the real turf smooth a lot, especially in the rain when this time to add the right amount of rubber particles, you can provide greater friction, and Sports Artificial Grass in the use of the performance of effective Ascension.