Sports Artificial Grass Durable, Easy To Fade

With the vigorous development of the sports industry, the domestic demand for all kinds of sports stadium construction is also increasing, at the same time, the construction requirements of the sports court has also been greatly improved.

To football as an example, and the past, the use of natural grass is different from the current football field mostly use Sports Artificial Grass. It is true that Sports Artificial Grasses have a great advantage in terms of production and maintenance costs compared to natural grasses. However, before laying Sports Artificial Grass, if you do not know the construction process in advance, to master its construction skills, after the completion of a variety of problems, regret the late carry on.

Sports Artificial Grass laying before construction

In general, before laying Sports Artificial Grass in the sports ground, you should first confirm the foundation of the foundation of the flat, the ground should be no cracks, no obvious rolling traces, no loosening or wave phenomenon, the density should reach more than 90%, and any The direction of straight line within 3m can not appear more than 4mm local bumps.

Ground surface should be turtle type (as shown below), site slope of 0.4% -0.6% or so.

1, artificial turf all-weather: completely free from climate, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of the site, and in the alpine, high temperature and other extreme weather areas.

2, artificial turf evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, the Sports Artificial Grass is still able to bring you the feeling of spring.

3, artificial turf environmental: materials are in line with environmental requirements, artificial lawn surface can be recycled.

4, artificial turf simulation: Sports Artificial Grass is the use of bionic principle of production, lawn of the non-directional, hardness allows users to activities with natural grass no big difference, good elasticity, foot comfort.

5, the durability of artificial turf: durable, easy to fade, especially for the use of high frequency of large, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, soccer fields and other venues.

6, artificial turf economy: generally can guarantee more than eight years of service life.

7, artificial turf maintenance-free: basically no maintenance costs occur.

8, the construction of artificial turf simple performance: can be in the asphalt, cement, hard sand and other places on the basis of pavement Sports Artificial Grass maintenance and maintenance process and the way the traditional grass, the venue needs "rest" concept is no longer applicable, but appropriate Maintenance and maintenance will extend the service life of Sports Artificial Grassland.

He Qingjie and maintenance of Sports Artificial Grass ground

1, keep clean.

2, to provide adequate rubbish bin.

3, in the field erected "no smoking", "prohibited to carry food approach" logo.

4, to comply with maintenance and cleaning procedures.

When the stadium artificial turf is installed, it takes at least two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. Although this time can hold sporting events, we recommend that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles do not enter the playground. And in this period of time, the number of times to sweep to a minimum, in particular, do not clean at high temperatures. In addition, artificial turf, unlike natural grassland, often takes several weeks of use and weathering to achieve optimal athletic performance. This time not only requires the grass fiber to be stable, but also the need for moderate filling of the particles to achieve a comfortable, ideal for long-term movement.

Rain is the best cleaner for Sports Artificial Grass. It can gently wash off the dust on the grass fiber, pollen and other pollutants scattered in the air. In any case, the Sports Artificial Grassland needs to remove the garbage in a timely manner and reduce the following problems:

1, place enough rubbish to avoid spillage.

2, draw a special parking lane to reduce the sports field of soil and car printing.

3, can not throw cigarette butts in the grass and so on.