School Application Of Artificial Turf Playing Field

Sport-artificial grass is made modern, specialized machinery and equipment of artificial fibres, such as chemical synthesis of material which meets the needs of professional sports facilities, and can replace the natural grass sports properties of chemical products. Typically used for venues such as soccer, hockey, tennis, track construction. Combined with the lack of grass and our complex and diverse geography, especially in Northern and Western regions.

Compared to the artificial turf with natural grass, has not affected by weather, environmental restrictions, and in terms of service life and maintenance costs, also have an advantage over grass.

Artificial turf sports grass series includes: soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, a football field, gateball special artificial turf. Artificial grass tough wear-resistant, can use and has excellent athlete protection function, can effectively avoid athletes may encounter in the exercise of joint damage, skin burns or abrasions, ensure the normal football vs speed