Landscape Artificial Grass With Environmental Protection, The Role Of Green

Green is one of the most beautiful colors in nature, adding landscaping effects to the scene. As the Landscape Artificial Grass with environmental protection, the role of green has been widely used in major industries. Whether it is cold and heat, or all seasons can be paved Landscape Artificial Grass, for example, like the use of a wide range of leisure lawn, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as garden green.

The reason why leisure Landscape Artificial Grass is widely used, the main factors or Landscape Artificial Grass of economic and practical quality and environmental protection. Landscape Artificial Grass quality depends mainly on the quality of artificial grass silk, artificial grass silk fiber material is the key to the production of Landscape Artificial Grass.

Artificial Silk Thread Advantages:

1. Strong climate adaptability. Orleans artificial grass can be applied to each season climate, and the construction is simple. The

2. anti-aging. Through the anti-aging test, tested, Orme artificial silk has a high standard of anti-UV aging.

3. Good wear resistance. The use of nanocomposite materials to enhance the quality of artificial grass silk raw materials, grass silk soft performance. Safe and sound performance.

The city's children in the rich toys to accompany grow up, dawn to the late, four seasons change the natural beauty is often overlooked by them;

The city's old people in the lonely gradually grow old, reinforced concrete, busy years between the hurry to let them feel helpless.

If you let the children put down the hands of the Mobile phone, in the lawn, the garden to enjoy playing, so that their childhood memories, full of dirt fragrance, blooming and racing touch;

If you can let the elderly out of the closed home, in the park to regain the fun of planting, make new friends so that they gradually blurred memories, to keep the time of the quiet beauty, the movement of the heart and friends of the chatter.

There is such a group of landscape people, the customer is their family, the park is their stage they hope the garden in a flower and a grass, can smell the taste of love.

The elderly and children are high-frequency users of public space in the community, and what can the landscape of the grasses do for the different needs of the elderly and the children?

Look at the Landscape Artificial Grass for the elderly to provide the use of concentrated magical: can be used as children's outdoor football field, badminton ground covered with Landscape Artificial Grass, but also as the elderly movement of Landscape Artificial Grass door field.

The world of children is often lively, what are curious about what, then we need bright and lively and soft venues, Landscape Artificial Grass rich performance just to meet this demand.