Landscape Artificial Grass Performance Is Consistent

Landscape Artificial Grass for parks, schools, hotels, exhibitions, kindergartens, club swimming pool of green, landscape, leisure use more occasions. Artificial landscape grass in the application has a very big advantage:

1. Maintenance is simple and low cost.

2. Regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, sun and rain, can be used all day.

3. Significantly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water requirements.

4. Anti-ultraviolet, corrosion-resistant, mildew, and environmental pollution, do not fade, lawn layer can be recycled.

5. Increase the movement area, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of shock absorption, decompression, in line with the requirements of open teaching.

6. Can be used frequently, performance has always been the same, greatly improving the efficiency of the use of the site.

7. Turf system made of curly grass, grass surface without direction, to ensure smooth walking, good wear resistance.

8. Economical and practical, under normal circumstances can be used 6-8 years, long life, maintenance-free costs. Although the installation of artificial turf is not difficult, but there are still many things to note, this is to ensure that the construction quality of artificial turf,Landscape Artificial Grass so that it can be successfully put into normal use, only the quality of artificial lawn people can rest assured use.

In view of this, artificial turf in the installation must be fixed or paste firmly, so as to avoid accidents in the windy season, resulting in unnecessary damage. And usually pay more attention to check whether the artificial turf algae degumming phenomenon, once found abnormal situation,Landscape Artificial Grass the need for timely protection measures to avoid temporary negligence and cause serious consequences.

Artificial turf takes at least two weeks for the processing and stabilization of grass fibers, during which time it is recommended that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic vehicles can not travel on artificial lawns. Moreover, should be as much as possible to control the cleaning time, but also do not sweep in the hot days,Landscape Artificial Grass so as not to adversely affect the artificial turf.

In addition, the rubber-filled artificial turf is not like the natural grass, often takes a few weeks time to use and weathering to achieve the desired exercise performance,Landscape Artificial Grass this time not only requires the fiber deep woven into the artificial lawn surface, and the need for particle filling The

Now many places are used artificial turf, but also some people will worry that it will hurt the health of the human body, such a worry is completely redundant. As long as the correct manufacturers to buy artificial turf, are made of environmentally friendly materials, so it is safe.

The main raw material of artificial turf is PP and PE,Landscape Artificial Grass these raw materials undergo a rigorous quality inspection, non-toxic and non-polluting, and many testing standards have reached international standards, the human body will not have any impact. And artificial turf can also be very effective in preventing the breeding of bacteria, so the artificial turf on the bacteria is still relatively small.