Landscape Artificial Grass Maintenance Simple, Fast Drainage Characteristics

Landscape Artificial Grass to overcome the natural grass a few major difficulties: First, in extreme weather conditions can not grow; Second, some countries and regions due to economic reasons can not pay high maintenance costs; Third, in some with a ceiling sports stadium Can not grow. In addition to these, Landscape Artificial Grass also has a high frequency of use, easy pavement, easy maintenance, drainage characteristics, these advantages are made Landscape Artificial Grass has a broad space for development, a great way to replace the natural grass! According to statistics, the United States each year there are 600 standard Landscape Artificial Grass field, Germany 150, 150 Japan, the United Kingdom 100, China 500, which does not include a larger number of non-standard venues, Landscape Artificial Grass has formed a huge market.

With the development of the market, Landscape Artificial Grass in materials, technology, construction and other aspects have undergone great changes, the purpose of these changes are to make Landscape Artificial Grass in the movement performance closer to natural grass, probably can be divided into the following stages :

The first stage: nylon 6 (polycaprolactam) material as the main material after drawing, inserted in the base fabric made. The shape of the carpet, poor flexibility; expensive.

The second stage: the polypropylene (pp) material, but also through the extrusion drawing made in the base fabric, paved and filled with quartz sand particles, hardness, but the price is cheap.

The third stage: the main (polyethylene) (pe) material, but also through the extrusion drawing made in the base fabric, pavement and filled with quartz sand, while filling rubber particles, with natural grass flexibility, For improvement

The fourth stage: FIFA certification as the standard, focusing on the basis of construction and other systems engineering construction, this stage in addition to mesh products, there have been mixed products such as straight song, pe and pp materials mixed, pe mixed with nylon, Sports performance to further strengthen;

The fifth stage: to single silk grass-based, in addition to the pursuit of sports performance, but also the pursuit of a more desirable appearance, while more emphasis on system construction. ,

The sixth stage: to curly grass-based, a specifically for the door golf course, golf and other noble sports tailor-made sports leisure grass.

The ground is not high, it can be cement floor, asphalt ground, it can be hard sand ground, cement stability level. B. Hydrophobic asphalt (cost is too high, the construction of complex, less use)]; B cement (as the basis for the selection of asphalt) Foundation (affordable); C cement stone foundation (short duration, low cost, good drainage performance, applicable); D gravel hydrophobic foundation (the lowest cost, good drainage performance but no flatness, the problem is more). 2) the basic requirements: A, the basis of the construction of a variety of materials used to be qualified after the test can be used for construction. B, the basic appearance: the surface is uniform and no obvious signs of pressure, smooth without cracks, no rotten side of the push, loose, waves, Ma face, smooth joints smooth, no water blocking phenomenon. C, test the water, the rain after 120 minutes of drainage, allowing the presence of water, but the water thickness of not more than 4mm. D, the foundation after the completion of 10 × 10 meters after the grid grid to repeat the test height, and calculate the drainage slope, drainage gradient ≤ 0.7%, and the error <1.5 ‰. E Stable layer compaction density shall not be less than 93%. F, flatness, slope, site elevation of the pass rate of more than 85%. G, thickness tolerance ± 10%. 3) Basic application Asphalt concrete foundation Suitable for tennis courts, hockey fields and soccer fields, including hockey fields must use hydrophobic asphalt foundation, others can use ordinary asphalt foundation; soccer field four kinds of foundation are applicable, according to the actual situation, The use of cement stone foundation, the basic exclusion of gravel diagenetic basis; these three courses can use cement foundation.