Landscape Artificial Grass Can Show Good Landscape Effect

As a Landscape Artificial Grass, widely used in the garden, by the designer's favorite. A good lawn can not only show a good landscape effect, enhance the landscape quality; and can create a "breathable" use of space, people feel comfortable.

Then the landscape lawn in the end with what function, how to match with other landscape elements, in order to better play the landscape effect? Below, Xiao Bian through some cases for everyone to explain the explanation.

A lawn, not only as a landscape site to play the value, but also carry a leisure, sports, ecological and other multiple functions.

1, use the function

To meet the functions of walking, rest, games and outdoor activities, this kind of lawn in the green space is not a fixed shape, the size of the area are not equal; generally semi-open space-based,Landscape Artificial Grass allowing people to enter the activities.

Leisure space, I heard that lawn and height difference with Oh. Rich use of space at the same time, enhance the landscape quality. 0

2, viewing function

Landscape is the most important and most basic function of the garden lawn, often with turf grass, including a variety of materials and certain planning means to achieve.

Pure viewing lawn generally does not allow people to enter the recreation,Landscape Artificial Grass mainly to the closed space, and the square sculpture, garden pieces and other landscape elements echo each other, complement each other.

3, ecological function

Lawn has the effect of reducing secondary dust,Landscape Artificial Grass solid soil slope protection, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, but the ecological function of turf is limited, and the combination of trees and shrubs can be used to optimize the ecological benefits of landscape.

The use of lawn in landscape

1, lawn with water features with

Smart, clear water, is an indispensable element of the garden, the ancients have clouds: "looking up the grass on the grass, overlooking the next phase of the dew," lawn and water configuration for a long time.

Landscape in the garden is divided into static water and dynamic water, calm pool, can reflect the surrounding scenery, blue sky, green, clear water, especially people relaxed and happy.

Lawn and water combination, a move a static contrast highlights "bird mountain more quiet" mood, not only added garden art beauty, but do not have some poetic.

2, with the lawn with the plant

Most of the lawns need to define the space through the plant configuration to form a specific landscape pattern. Full consideration of landscape psychology,Landscape Artificial Grass lawn width and the proportion of the surrounding trees do not exceed 10, in which case the vertical viewing angle of visitors will be more comfortable, good aesthetic effect.

For large area empty, the ratio of open lawn should not be too high. Open lawn, sparse forest lawn, jungle lawn between a reasonable proportion, generally controlled at 2: 4: 4, so that all kinds of planting can be maintained in the relative balance.

Plant a beautiful tree or shrub on an open grass. Such plants often as the main scene, to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

3, with the terrain with the lawn

Terrain can also be used as landscape elements and lawn with? In fact, the terrain to the extreme, the surface of natural smooth, local does not appear protruding or potholes,Landscape Artificial Grass highlighting the stretch and extension of the grass, it is also a very ornamental art.

Natural terrain, combined with lawn landscape, effectively create a simple atmosphere, open and comfortable landscape space.

The use of lawn,Landscape Artificial Grass to strengthen the regular pattern of linear sense, to show the rules of geometric landscape both visual sense, highlight the details of landscape beauty.