Landscape Artificial Grass Better Stability And UV Resistance

The early investment of Landscape Artificial Grass is bigger than that of artificial grass, it needs the pine, transplant turf, fertilization, water diversion, conservation, the need for a large number of human and material resources, if there is a greater climate difference or the problem, it needs to be involved in the establishment of a constant temperature works and diversion works; and man-made grass does not have to consider these problems, only to pave the There are fixed drains, on the line, small investment, a one-off, the need for less manpower and material resources.

Landscape Artificial Grass must be real soil, and through the soil, fertilization and other work, if the foundation is not real, it is necessary to buy good soil to pave the ground and other work; but man-made grass is not so troublesome, any foundation can, no works.

Landscape Artificial Grasses have a far greater weathering resistance than man-made grasses, Landscape Artificial Grass needs to provide more comfortable space, timing of the water, the temperature difference is not too large, all adverse weather will affect the growth of grass; if a water diversion and constant temperature system is established, although the problem is solved, the operation of them will have a cost. , and the artificial grass will not be affected by any weather, can maintain the original color and state.

Landscape Artificial Grass wear degree is very fragile, often easily in the friction and pressure caused by the break or to die, while the artificial grass is made of 100% polypropylene fiber materials, has good wear resistance, and tested data and long-term practical experience, as well as professional institutions of testing.

Compared with man-made grass, the net structure of the artificial grass layer enhances the elasticity and resilience of the artificial grass, and can overcome the phenomenon of "sweeping" the other piece of grass. Also can disperse intense movement strong pulling force, make the grass is not easy to breakage, the movement sand also will maintain the high smoothness by the fiber net density.

Landscape Artificial Grass to maintain their original color ability is very limited, the impact of various factors can directly destroy its color, and man-made grass for a unique polymer, stabilizer and color mixture formula. The 6,000-hour data obtained by the meteorological meter show better stability and anti-ultraviolet rays.

The artificial grass has been tested with the result that the product has better controllable sliding property, and the artificial grass can greatly improve the skills of the athlete than the Landscape Artificial Grass.