Key Points Of Using And Maintaining Artificial Lawn In Later Stage (2)

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Point 3: control the pressure per unit area

No vehicles are allowed on the artificial lawn, no parking is allowed, and no goods are allowed to be piled up.Although artificial lawn has its own uprightness and resilience, but the weight of its burden or time is too long, will also crush grass silk.Turf courts should not be used for sports such as javelins that require the use of sharp sports equipment.Football match cannot wear long nail shoe, can use round nail to smash nail shoe to replace, high-heeled shoes also are not allowed to enter the arena.

Point 4: control the frequency of use

Although artificial turf can be used at high frequency, it cannot sustain high intensity of exercise indefinitely.Depending on the situation of use, especially after intense exercise, the site still needs a certain amount of rest time.For example, an artificial turf soccer field usually has no more than four official games a week.

Following these precautions in daily use can not only keep the sports function of artificial lawn field in a better state, but also improve its service life.
In addition, when the frequency of use is low, the site can be checked as a whole, although most of the injuries encountered are minor, timely repair can prevent the problem from expanding.

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