Key Points Of Using And Maintaining Artificial Lawn In Later Stage (1)

The appearance and performance of artificial lawn are very similar to that of real grass. It has the characteristics of wear-resisting, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and easy maintenance.Artificial lawn is used in outdoor venues, long-term sunshine and rain, and the frequency of use is high, the environment is complex and diverse, there will always be some impact on artificial lawn!

What are the important points to pay attention to when using artificial lawn?

What are the principles of turf maintenance?

Let the Topturf lawn below small make up for everyone to introduce it in detail !

Point 1: keep the lawn clean

Generally, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be cleaned deliberately, natural rain water can play a washing role.But serve as athletic field, such ideal state is not seen much, because this needs to clear all sorts of residua on turf in time, wait a moment like pulp congee, melon fruit beverage.Lightweight garbage can be solved with a vacuum cleaner, a larger brush to remove, and the treatment of stains need to use the corresponding components of the liquid agent, and quickly rinse with water, but do not use the cleaner at will.

Point 2: fireworks can cause turf damage and safety hazards

Although the majority of artificial lawns now have flame retardant function, but it is inevitable to encounter poor performance of the poor site, hidden safety risks.In addition, although the artificial lawn will not burn when it comes into contact with the fire source, there is no doubt that the high temperature, especially the open fire, will melt the grass and cause damage to the site.