Football Artificial Lawn Construction Plan And Requirements

The artificial grass football ground construction Foundation can be divided into three kinds of materials based on cement concrete foundation, asphalt base and lime-based. Football artificial lawn construction must be the basis on quality before acceptance, acceptance by the company appointed, and form a base inspection report, qualified before construction, unqualified construction is strictly prohibited.

The main steps are as follows:

Turf delivered to the construction site, calculated in accordance with drawing material.

Using special tools to lay grass, flattening, cutting edge, and grass seedlings must be consistent, otherwise easy to produce Visual color difference.

With a special knot sew waterproof adhesive and bonding joints connect the grass until the glue bond strength after compaction.

After laying the adhesive should check for neat and firm.

According to the drawing requirements across the dash, stitching and checksummed.

Check after check, can be filled with sand and the rubber filling.