Eight Characteristics Of Artificial Turf

A high quality artificial grass should have the following eight characteristics:

1, the clock: not affected by climate, greatly improving the efficiency in the use of the site, and can be used in extreme climates such as in cold, high temperature;

2, Evergreen: natural grass after a period of dormancy, artificial turf can still bring you the feeling of spring; 

3, environmental protection: the materials are in line with the requirements of environmental protection, artificial turf surface course recyclable;

4, simulation: artificial turf is the use of bionics, omnidirectional, hardness of the lawn allowing users when active and natural grass no big difference, good elasticity, the foot feels comfortable;

5, durability: durable, resists fading, especially for frequently used venue for large, middle and primary schools;

6, economy: guaranteed service life of more than five years;

7, maintenance-free: virtually no maintenance costs;

8, simple construction: asphalt, concrete, hard sand and other sites based on the pavement.