Artificial Turf To Prevent Filling Particles Being Washed Away

Artificial turf fields used when players slip often occurs in scratched skin and foot sprain, and some artificial turf lawn the following happens in case of rain the rubber filling particles are washed off, loss and so on, how to prevent artificial grass fillers are washed away? Small series to introduce:

These problems are related to the technological characteristics and the turf itself, generally of artificial turf in a straight line woven and wire grass less softness and elasticity, friction coefficient of the lawn, and therefore will have a scratch, sprain, athletes and the rubber drain problem.

The best way to prevent these problems is in the process of selecting a specially designed artificial grass for these issues. Now to introduce a new type of artificial turf: loop cut pile artificial turf.

Circle cut compared to the artificial turf and artificial turf has the following characteristics:

1 General a weaving process of the artificial turf, cut-pile artificial turf is two times the weaving process. By specializing in loop pile tufting machine for loop pile weave and cut pile weave, the weaving process is a unique production cut-pile artificial turf.

2 loop weaving is in accordance with s-shaped form of special woven and tufted weave more uniformity, and s-shaped weaving plays a very good sand damping effect.

3 cut-pile artificial turf with high quality grass and glass substrates. Grass requires a good softness and elasticity, substrates using reinforced fiberglass materials. New technology reduces the coefficient of friction of such fibers, even in cold weather conditions can also maintain excellent sporty character. Therefore, it is a safe and fiber, when athletes slip can effectively prevent skin injuries and sprains.