Artificial Turf Drag And Wipe On A Regular Basis With Air

1. Regularly clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor surface daily. Or used without dripping wet MOP to wipe, dry season should increase the number of drag, air humidity to ensure the venue. Floor vents, expansion joints and warm corner, sports equipment installation position should be regularly cleaned, not blocked, vacuum cleaner or compressed air blowing method to carry out cleaning. As a result of excessive dust heap, the area prone to mildew and disease, jams and other consequences.

2. Artificial turf on the floor covered with artificial turf. Wear-resistant nor stringy, very suitable for sports needs. But it's quite scared of water, dust, it is necessary to keep the site's health, when there is no competition to keep daily wipe again with clean dry butuo. Clean before and after the game. When there's a game to wipe three or four times a day.

3. Sponge pad (packet), artificial turf-covered ground once every quarter over drying, ventilation, to prevent water erosion and the floor equipment. Use rubber stuck on the floor space directly, should have regular or not regular drying and preservation work.

Sports games, to prevent athlete's foot slipped on the use of oil. Coating is to slip on oil spill mops online, cleaned the ground with DUN butuo. Preferably with a MOP to clean the floors and then wear the kerosene oil. Non-slip should be according to actual need to be coated with oil. For example, a basketball game, rebounding under the floor to put some more, midfielder put some less. Is the athlete on the field running area should be oiled more with more, jumping, running, jumping little less area is not coated or painted.