Artificial Grass The Environmental Requirements For Health Are High

With the accelerated pace of school sports sites, the choice of artificial grass schools will be more and more, how to use in the construction of high quality artificial grass, to ensure that the standards of artificial grass in line with the requirements of school sports activities and the health of students Environmental requirements, is the school in the selection of artificial grass field when the important concerns. For this reason, Lyon sports recommendations are considered from the following aspects:

1, the election brand: high-quality brand is the enterprise in the practice of years of production to create out of its products, environmental safety performance, physical performance, content quality, service level, and its advanced nature, reliability, practicality, scientific , Economic durability, life, etc., have reached the FIFA launched the "artificial turf quality standards" level, it can better protect the safety and health of students.

2, see the quality: the quality of artificial grass is the key to good or bad by the grass seedlings fiber, grass back and glue the quality, as well as advanced production technology, production equipment and other factors. To choose green, economic and durable, safe and reliable for students to health of raw materials for production. Grass fiber performance is good: soft and comfortable, sliding, buffering, wear, water, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, color, environmental performance and a variety of physical performance testing to meet international standards and China's The quality of the glue is mainly reflected in: the strength of the bond, the duration of the bond, the environmental protection of the environment, the quality of the glue, the quality of the adhesive Adaptability, environmental performance and so on.

3, heavy construction: the choice of high-quality materials on the basis of advanced production technology, production equipment construction, will make the school artificial grass field into a quality product possible. The selection of construction units is also very important, you can refer to Lyon sports for the construction unit selected recommendations.

In short, the school artificial grass field construction is composed of many factors, a high-quality artificial grass sports field, is the design, construction, supervision, schools and other departments and more units of the joint efforts of the results.