Artificial Grass The Effect Of No Wrinkles, More Beautiful

Artificial Grass is more and more popular, Artificial Grass can not only be used for kindergarten venues, school football field, in the hotel green, balcony greening, engineering greening, wall decoration and other aspects of the application after another.

In these applications, in which the wall installation process is the most challenging, there are two reasons, first, the construction takes a long time; lawn manufacturers to produce lawn width is 4 * 25 meters, a roll of lawn 100 Square meters, but an office area of 100 square meters within the wall of the conventional height of 3,4 meters, and some even only one meter high, which requires engineers to cut large chops into multiple pieces; second, a roll The weight of the lawn is 200kg, this weight is difficult to glue the lawn firmly fixed on the wall, to achieve the best state of Artificial Grass bonding, direct installation of the professional installation of the master on it.

Although the construction of the difficulty of the advantages of the installation of lawn wall is undeniable, to the customer's eyes bright feeling, innovative awareness of the label arises spontaneously; employees in such a beautiful company to work pride, self-confidence doubled; the most important Is the use of life for more than ten years.

1, in the installation of Artificial Grass before the need to prepare the auxiliary tools: ruler, wallpaper knife, Artificial Grass special glue, brush, rubber hammer, dragon skeleton, electric drill, nails and so on.

2, Artificial Grass construction connection process, the need to first join the Artificial Grass ground or wall clean, and keep its surface dry and no moisture, Artificial Grass construction process before the connection, you need to select the ambient temperature above 5 ℃ Artificial Grass construction is best; the lawn spread out for 24 hours, the release of lawn tension, making the lawn pavement effect without wrinkles, more beautiful.

3, the first dragon frame fixed on the wall. The dragon skeleton close to the wall with a brush in the need to nail the place to draw a small circle, in a small circle with drill drill nails, the dragon frame firmly fixed on the wall.

4, according to the height of the wall, with a wallpaper knife will be cut into the required size of the lawn, with nails on the dragon skeleton.

5, Artificial Grass concrete construction process of curing: Artificial Grass construction, the curing time is generally three days, the final strength is generally measured for ten days. During the construction of Artificial Grass construction should pay attention to Artificial Grass maintenance.

In the process of installation of Artificial Grass wall and other installation is different from the need to support the dragon skeleton, which is the most important part of the installation of the wall, the only way to be more solid fixed Artificial Grass.