Artificial Grass Maintenance

Principles of artificial grass designed with durability, compared with natural grass, artificial turf pitch without "rest" proper maintenance is designed to improve the practical and aesthetic of artificial turf, the following points will help you extend the life site for a long time:

(1), the basic elements:

When sports ground with artificial turf is installed, take up to two weeks for a solid fiber. We recommend that during this time, try not to hold sports events, heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic, do not enter the site. During this time, you want to minimize the frequency of sweeping, especially cleaning at high temperatures.

(2), keep it clean:

Clean the artificial turf pitch is your ground the only effective way to maintain an optimal state. In frequent use, adhere to once a month cleaning maintenance, clear rubbish from the site in a timely manner.

(3), control the use of the site:

Availability of time, after holding sporting events, try to make maintenance a week before continuing use.

(4), to provide enough dustbin so as not to waste spills.

(5), repair small damages:

Early spring suitable for artificial for maintenance, repair, check for loose seams carefully, inspect the entire grass cloth for any damage, such as tearing, burning time to add fill material.

(6), set up within the site "no smoking", "prohibiting the carrying of food comes into play" logo.