Artificial Grass Have Better Elasticity And Enough Cushioning Force

Artificial Grass Anti-ultraviolet ability, durable do not fade, daily maintenance is simple and convenient, greatly reducing maintenance costs, almost zero maintenance, especially in line with urban water requirements. Tension, water permeability, flexibility are high, after hundreds of thousands of wear test, the fiber weight loss of only 2 to 3%.

The construction technology is simple, the basic requirements are low, the construction period is short; adaptability, can be in the cold, high temperature, plateau and other climate use, is a new type of sports building materials. Increase the movement area, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of shock absorption, decompression, in line with the requirements of open teaching.

The use of silver-white quartz sand or sand filled, so that students will not be dirty clothes and the environment, and all the marking on the playground with direct weaving, no longer for the regular crossed and distressed.

Economical and practical, an investment can guarantee more than seven years of service life,Artificial Grass almost no follow-up maintenance costs. Wear-resistant, colorful, close to natural grass, once with the surrounding environment and supporting the show show its overall color.

Feet soft,Artificial Grass have better flexibility and adequate cushioning force, exercise in a sense of security, water permeability and strong, can be used around the clock.

(1) all the layers of material in line with environmental requirements, artificial lawn surface can be recycled, the foundation construction can be used in situ excavated spoil and gravel, fully comply with the reduction of waste emissions, the use of natural environmental protection principles.

(2) the use of bionic principles, so that the athlete's foot feeling, the ball's rebound speed and other natural lawn is very similar, and has a good water permeability, heavy rain after the rapid drainage.

(3) finished product construction, fixed duration. Quality easier to grasp, and the acceptance is easy without too much professional knowledge, can not cut corners.

(4) all the material permeable and breathable, and not bonded to the bottom, only laying on it, there is no blistering concerns.

(5) the foundation is not high, can be in the asphalt and cement construction, the cycle is shorter, especially for long training time, the use of high frequency school premises.

(6) all-weather venue, completely free from rain, snow weather. Can be used in extreme climates such as alpine and high temperature.

(7) because the foundation is not bonded with the surface material, so when the use of the surface layer expires, only need to replace the surface layer can be, and then low investment costs.

(8) crossed directly prepared. Never need to re-cross the line, easy maintenance. Almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

(9) colorful, long time does not fade, easy maintenance, with the surrounding environment and supporting the building, is the best choice for sports venues.

Advantages of Artificial Lawn

1, to meet the needs of all-weather, high-intensity exercise, without artificial conservation

2, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, environmental protection, safety, no harm to the human body

3, dense and hidden water seepage hole, so that after the rain can quickly drain water, drainage rate is better than natural sites

4, no bump of the site level to the athletes full security

5, soft artificial grass fiber and filled with rubber particles in the lawn so that athletes feet feel more comfortable

6, artificial grassland use rate and practical rate are better than natural sites