Artificial Grass Good Performance, Cheap Cost

1, Artificial Grass fiber material. Polyethylene (PE), cost-effective, internationally popular, widely accepted by the public; Polypropylene (PP), grass fiber hard, easy to fiber generally applicable to tennis courts artificial turf, playground and other purposes; nylon (PA) Is a good artificial grass material, the United States and other developed countries generally use nylon artificial grass, higher prices in China, most customers can not accept.

2, the bottom. Wool composite woven cloth, durable, good anti-corrosion properties, the glue and the grass have a good adhesion, easy to solid, this artificial grass price is moderate; grid fiber at the bottom, the use of glass fiber and other materials, to increase the bottom of the strength and Grass fiber binding force has a better help.

3, artificial turf glue. SBR is a popular material for artificial turf in the Chinese market. Polyurethane (PU) glue, strength and restraint force is more than several times the above products, durable, beautiful color, never the same time, the price is cheap, with water, but easy to leak glue to Germany BASF better; Will be corrosive, moldy and environmentally friendly but the price is more expensive international common materials.

Artificial grass: a natural grass-like synthetic fiber by mechanical preparation fixed on the base fabric, for a variety of sports venues of the ground material. Widely used in sports and leisure venues.

Sports artificial grass: with modern professional machinery and equipment will be synthetic fiber and other chemical materials processing and synthesis of a wear resistance, anti-aging to meet the needs of professional sports facilities, and can replace the natural grass movement of a chemical products.

Usually used for football, tennis, hockey, runway and other venues.

Leisure artificial grass: with modern professional machinery and equipment will be synthetic fiber and other chemical materials processing and synthesis of a high simulation, high environmental protection, long life and other performance characteristics, to meet the needs of leisure decoration of a chemical products. Usually used for building roofs, interior styling, courtyard landscapes, shopping arcades and playgrounds ...

The main performance of artificial turf

All-weather: completely free from climate, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of the site, and in the alpine, high temperature and other extreme weather areas;

Evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, the artificial grass is still able to bring you the feeling of spring;

Environmental protection: the audience materials are in line with environmental requirements, artificial lawn surface can be recycled;

Simulation: artificial grass is the use of bionic principles of production, lawn of the non-directional, hardness allows users to activities with natural grass no big difference, good elasticity, comfortable foot feeling;

Durability: durable, easy to fade, especially for the use of high frequency of large, primary and secondary school venues;

Economy: generally can guarantee more than five years of service life;

Maintenance-free: basically no maintenance costs occur;

Construction is simple: in asphalt, cement, hard sand site pavement.