Artificial Grass Ensure Beautiful Appearance

The application of artificial grass wide range, high density, durable, the performance of its advantages have been widely recognized. Turf using grass cluster weaving structure, the first floor of the bottom of polypropylene material, the second layer of the bottom of a professional glue coating to ensure the strength and durability of the product. It is the highest density turf in the market, suitable for baseball, football, football, hockey, softball and other sports venues, as well as playgrounds, exercise grounds, physical education, military training and other indoor and outdoor activities of the ideal turf.

Construction process of Artificial Grass

First, put the line, find out the center point of the site, and according to the central point of the site to determine the exact location of the points, lines;

Second, the grass will be moved into the site along the horizontal side of the direction spread, and in turn from the longitudinal side to the other end to advance;

Three, will weave in the lawn outside the white grass line cut, puts aside to use;

Four, the green turf joints at the seams 2-3 cm, with grass knife or cutting paper knife cut, so that both sides of the turf as close as possible;

Five, the 20-30 cm wide fiber cloth or non-woven cloth along the turf seams, if the rain is wet, need to dry half-day drying, and then will be dedicated PU glue scraper evenly scraping on the fiber cloth, and then the two sides of the turf together, glued to the fiber cloth. If the gap in the joint is large,Artificial Grass can be cut off here 2-5 centimeters, to the interface to stretch, to ensure a pleasing appearance;

Six, after the basic stitching in the turf, once again pull out each function line, point of the exact position to cut the paper knife, cut out the grass strips,Artificial Grass the fiber cloth into, scraping the PU glue, the original prepared white grass line back, cemented pressure tight. In corners and other narrow areas of the difficulty of painting arc, you can cut the whole corner area, cutting into small pieces and put back together.

Seven, when the grass basic splicing finished, the part of the sod on the grass to wipe the paper knife openings, pull straight butt,Artificial Grass remove overlapping parts, and then cementation;