Artificial Grass Breathable And Permeable, Economical

Artificial grass soccer field maintenance and maintenance of artificial grass football field maintenance and maintenance of artificial grass football field characteristics with artificial turf construction football field and other sports venues in foreign countries for decades, with the development of science and technology and sports , Is now made of high-performance polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) resin fiber, anti-UV anti-aging "amine" material compartment and according to the needs of different sports field selection of a variety of additives constitute fiber woven artificial turf can be professional , Amateur athletes to create a very ideal sports venues and artificial grass football field, it can not only be used for artificial grass football field, but also for laying track and field runway, baseball field, rugby field, swimming pool and leisure venues green, etc. A multi-functional sports site laying material. Weather, noise, water permeability, economy, noise reduction, long green simulation, multi-purpose excellent physical and chemical performance of the use of a number of modern science and technology, product tensile strength, firmness, Flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, color fastness and so on to achieve a very high level. Good security. The use of medicine and kinematics and other principles, so that athletes on the lawn movement, ligaments, muscles, joints and other protected, when the impact of the fall and the friction greatly reduced. The average life of more than 10 years. The various scribe lines of the soccer field have been used in the production of white grass seedlings are environmentally friendly products, it does not contain any harmful substances, and have a noise function. Artificial grass for a wide range of high density, durable, and its performance advantages have been widely recognized. Turf weaving cluster structure, the first layer of the bottom of the use of polypropylene material weaving, the second layer of the bottom of the use of professional glue coating to ensure product strength and use. Is the highest cashmere on the market, suitable for baseball, rugby, soccer, hockey, softball, track and field and other sports venues, but also playground, driving range, physical education, military training and other indoor and outdoor Activities of the ideal turf. All artificial turf products contain UV stabilizer to prevent UV damage to the grass fiber to ensure that the movement performance and color enduring and easy to clean and maintenance. Maintenance and maintenance of the artificial grass soccer field When you are ready to switch to artificial grass, the old mode of thinking and maintenance must be abandoned, especially the need for a "rest" concept (to extend the life of the turf and keep it at its best State of motion performance) is no longer applicable. Bai Shengshu times artificial turf to durable design principles, do not seek the best just better. Compared with the natural turf, artificial turf maintenance is simple, less investment. Proper maintenance is aimed at improving the strength and aesthetics of artificial turf.