Application Of Artificial Lawn In Commercial Decoration And Modern Office

In the past, the common technique in office design is to add small potted plants and other green plants to adorn the space, create atmosphere and purify the air at the same time. The experiment shows that people can get some improvement in the subtle mood under the green office environment.But, want to put green plant in large area in office environment, must undertake regular maintenance, take time and effort already, if do not deal with in time clear away old flower or withered branches and leaves, can cause the reaction on the mood to the person.At this time, interior space designers came up with the idea of adding artificial lawn elements to the green office space for pavement design.

lawn grass

The reasons for using artificial lawn are as follows:

1、The construction period of ground materials in the past is often relatively long, while the construction time of artificial lawn pavement can be greatly shortened.

2、large area of paving artificial lawn gives people a sense of working on the grass, can let the nerves of office workers have some relaxation, not so tight, thoughts can be more flexible, work efficiency is higher.

3、Compared with natural grass, artificial lawn is evergreen all the year round and can be used all the time with low maintenance cost.

Of course, in any project decorates in, can produce certain space pollution, man-made grass project is no exception also.

Decorate material is the key factor that decides dimensional pollution degree nevertheless, in order to make office space more green environmental protection is healthy, when decorating, need to close material quality strictly, choose the material that accords with international environmental protection standard, reduce pollution from material.

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