Advantages Of Artificial Turf In Cold Winter

Artificial turf has its own advantages in the long, snowy winter.Generally, artificial turf is not affected by the freezing because the freezing will automatically melt and be evaporated.But to make the field useful when needed, it needs to be de-icing.What are the advantages of artificial turf in cold winter?

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Artificial turf has been used more and more in recent years, especially in the cold winter.Natural grass doesn't work well in cold, hot climates. We don't see much green around us in the winter.


All-day weather: it is not affected by the weather, which greatly improves the efficiency of the site and can be used in extreme weather such as high cold and high temperature.

Evergreen: after natural grass enters dormant period, man-made grass still can bring you the feeling like spring.

Emulation: artificial grass is produced according to the bionic principle. The directionless and rigid nature of the lawn makes the user have no great difference with the natural grass during activities. It has good elasticity and comfortable feet.

Durability: durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for high frequency of use of primary and secondary school venues.

Economy: the construction is simple, can be laid in asphalt, cement, hard sand, basically no maintenance costs.

Comfortable: all values of artificial turf are close to or higher than that of natural turf. Athletes can play incisively and vividly on artificial turf without concerns of skin burns and joint damage.

Easy maintenance: artificial turf can be used for a long time after laying, without tedious maintenance work, almost zero care costs.