Landscape Artificial Grass Improve The Practicality And Aesthetics Of Artificial Grass

Landscape Artificial Grass The construction base of artificial turf for soccer field can be divided into three kinds of material foundation, cement concrete foundation, asphalt foundation and lime soil foundation. Before the construction of the artificial turf in the soccer field, the quality of the foundation must be checked and accepted by the company, and the basic acceptance report shall be formed. If the construction is qualified, the construction shall be carried out.

The main steps are as follows:

The lawn arrives at the construction site and is calculated according to the drawings.

With special tools to lay the lawn, flattened, trimming on the seam, grass direction must be consistent, or easy to produce visual color.

With a special joint seam waterproof adhesive and adhesive tape so that the joints at the lawn connection, glue to produce adhesive force after the compaction.

Lay the adhesive should be checked after the formation of solid.

According to the requirements of the drawings crossed, stitching and verification.

Check the calibration, the side can be filled with sand and rubber particles.

Artificial grass to durable design principles, and natural turf compared to artificial grass field without "rest" appropriate maintenance to improve the practicality and aesthetics of artificial grass,Landscape Artificial Grass the following points will help you extend the venue for a longer period of time Life:

(1), the basic points:

When the sports ground artificial turf is installed, it takes two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. We recommend that during this period, try not to hold sports events, heavy equipment and unnecessary transport vehicles are not to enter the venue. This time, to sweep the number of times to a minimum,Landscape Artificial Grass in particular, do not clean at high temperatures.

(2), keep clean:

Cleaning the artificial pasture is the only effective way to keep your sportground in the best sport. Use the frequent period, adhere to a monthly cleaning and maintenance,Landscape Artificial Grass timely removal of garbage on the site.

(3), control the use of the site:

Time to allow the case, after the holding of sports events, try to keep the venue after a week to continue to use.

(4), to provide adequate waste bins to avoid spillage.

(5), timely repair small damage:

Early spring season suitable for artificial site maintenance, repair, carefully check whether there is loose suture, check the entire grass fabric with or without damage, tear, burning and other phenomena in time to fill the filling materials.

(6), in the venue to establish a "no smoking", "prohibited to bring food approach" logo.