The use of artificial turf laying and common cases

Artificial turf by using type category:

Sport grass

Sports turf series can be used for soccer pitches, tennis courts, hockey fields and gateball courts, baseball fields, cricket, football field, basketball court, badminton court, and so on.

Artificial grass tough wear-resistant, can use and has excellent athlete protection function, can effectively avoid athletes may encounter in the exercise of joint damage, skin burns or abrasions, ensure the normal scroll speed and football.

Leisure grass

Turf is widely used and applied to golf, kindergarten, Interior, landscape and building green, green lawn color natural, grass with fine, natural lawn the best alternatives, is becoming more and more widely used in decorative Hotel green roof green roof platform, interior decoration shops, office buildings, Office space.

Both seasons, can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons such as spring ... ...

Without fertilization, pest control, lawn maintenance costs less than 5% of natural grass;

Pets will no longer run in the mud because of the rain and dirty bodies, do not leave annoying muddy footprints;

When neighbors in the hot sun while mowing, fertilizing, you are under an umbrella and enjoy a cold drink.