Preparations for artificial turf laying

Prior to the laying of artificial turf has an array of things to do and see it below:

Foundation of A, with cement cast concrete or asphalt, with a certain strength and stability.

Does not produce the basis B, cracks and peeling caused by frozen, or sand.

C, basis of smoothness, 3 m Straightedge error is less than 4mm, with a slight fall, usually three, so that the rain water drainage.

D, in the frozen area, antifreezing technology should be used, and artificial grass in asphalt and gravel layer with a layer of geotextile cushion, along the gutter slots should be the basis of a special waterproofing treatment.

Some artificial lawn construction organization design scheme

E, Foundation surface must be clean and dry, asphalt Foundation should guarantee 30 days after the completion of the maintenance period, in order to make the asphalt surface components evaporate low boiling point, that ensures sufficient bond strength of base surface.

F, the concrete foundation must have 30 days maintenance period, large-area reserve expansion joints need to be considered, surface for smooth processing.

G, asphalt concrete foundation specifications