Preliminary understanding of football fields artificial turf of the Assembly process

Artificial turf we have seen, in many schools, we can now see his shadow, then: how much do you know about artificial turf for football field? Sports turf below to answer for everyone.

If our football fields artificial turf is assembled, then we also have the technical experience, so as to produce good football fields artificial turf. When we work on football fields artificial turf we used the smoothness of his are to be adjusted and tested, meet our requirements before beginning further work. We also use lines to test to find the exact location of their mark. Wait until we get into football fields artificial turf later, we pulled into the horizontal it, best to let the turf in the function line.

Believe that through sports turf explained, everybody there must be a deeper understanding of artificial grass for football pitches, if you have more questions, you can come to our sports turf website for consultation.