Lawn landscaping principles

Now more and more wide application of artificial turf, lawn landscaping principles is what? Below we take a look at:

Trees + shrubs + Lawn (to was) plant match mode, is a ideal of best ecological mode, however is often was people errors think universal of truth, that blindly to abuse [20]. in recent years and appeared a unit "fashion lawn hot", regardless of is Park, and factory, and street also is city square of green are "to grass generation wood", alone lawn of built plant, and conservation, and management costs of high, and large lawn also not conducive to ease city of "island effect". garden design about adjusting measures to local conditions, and For Park and different, landscape design also so, a at beautiful of landscape more should stressed its ornamental value, and ecological benefits and economic of combined. so, regardless of is Joe, and irrigation, and grass more level of landscape, also is big lawn type open of landscape are should from people of behavior, and psychological and the needs starting, to "applies, and economic, and beautiful" three big principles for premise for design

Lawn is a man-made landscape, people can mimic different styles of landscape, enrichment and artistic process, create views adapted to local ecological environment. for example, in the tropics, people often constitute the pool of sparse Palm trees and lawn green; in subtropical and temperate regions, then Cedar decorated lawn