Considerations for artificial turf

Turf notes:

1, banned the wearing of 5mm or more 5mm spikes of strenuous exercise on the lawn (including high heels).

2, prohibit any motor vehicle driving on the lawn.

3, prohibition of weight pressing down on the lawn.

4, prohibiting the shot put, Javelin and discus or other fall sports on the lawn.

5, no pollution lawn.

6, ban immediately trampled into the snow, surface sweep of snow must be used.

7, no throwing chewing gum on the lawn and all the debris.

All Fireworks 

8, is strictly prohibited.

9, a ban on lawn use corrosive solvents.

Admission is 

10, prohibiting the carrying of sugary drinks.

11, non-destructive tear the grass fibres.

12, non-weapon damage to lawn base

13, sport-quartz sand flat to keep filled the lawn, ensure that the trajectory of the ball or bouncing tracks.