Artificial turf advantage properties

Artificial turf is soft wear, can be installed in the cement, asphalt and other surface of the Foundation. Very suitable for nursery school playground, roof, balconies and a variety of decorations places. More flexible and more longevity. Some lawns have introduced Netherlands technical life span up to 10 years. Artificial grass maintenance simple, low maintenance cost, rinse with water to remove dirt and does not fade, no deformation characteristics.

Artificial grass also has a very significant advantage is the advanced texture can be effectively exposed to the air does not get rusty, waterproof breathable, save maintenance costs considerably. Average life expectancy was 1.5 to twice times the ordinary domestic turf. Artificial turf will introduce advanced scientific concept can not only effectively reduce noise, vibration and pressure. With recycling, processing and utilization of multiple, low carbon and environmental protection features.