Artificial grass on the concrete base of cement requirements

Artificial turf on the concrete base of cement demand is particularly high, we take a look at the following specific requirements:

1, the Foundation requires high surface smoothness, artificial grass surface layer thickness to ensure consistent, flexible uniform. Flatness of rate above 95%,

Metre ruler error 3MM, gradient: horizontal 8, longitudinally 5 ‰, semicircular area 5 per thousand, the surface should be flat and smooth, to ensure drainage.

2, the base should have a certain strength and stability.

3, surface uniformly solid, no cracks, no rot Ma, joint is straight and smooth, 6000mmx6000mm per cent cut as well.

4, mat compaction and density is greater than 95%, in medium sized rolling mills pressure after no significant wheel track, no loose, wave phenomena, such as topsoil.

5, cement base required the ectal, confining the use of new PVC thickened water film, junction should be greater than 300mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.

6, consider the expansion joints, width 5 mm.

7, the Foundation for 2-3 week.

Artificial turf on the concrete base of cement required here if you have any questions feel free to call.